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Haleiwa Shark Tours

Shark Cage Diving on Oahu's North Shore

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Shark Tours on Oahu's North Shore

As the North Shore’s only shark cage diving experience owned and operated by Native Hawaiians, Haleiwa Shark Tours is the most authentic adventure available.

The sacred and culturally significant mano (shark) is a powerful apex predator that we want to share with visitors and locals alike. Hawai‘i is home to approximately 40 different shark species, all which serve as caretakers of the ocean by removing sick, injured, and deceased animals, thus maintaining a balanced ecosystem.

Not only are sharks essential players in healthy marine life populations, but they are also ‘aumākua to many Hawaiians — a family god, a deified ancestor reborn in shark form. There are many beautiful legends in our Hawaiian history of sharks acting as spiritual counselors, protecting family members from drowning, or aiding in food supply for fishing families, and they’re even a central figure in the Hawaiian Islands’ creation story.

Book with us online for the shark cage diving experience of a lifetime in Haleiwa, HI!